Privacy Information

Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensuring that your personal information is kept private and confidential. As a provider of health services, we are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. We also have professional and ethical obligations to protect your privacy and keep your personal information confidential.

In order to provide you with the highest standard of care, this practice is required to collect personal information from you.  This information covers basic details such as your name, address and telephone number but it is also necessary to obtain details regarding your general health, past medical or surgical events, medications you are taking as well as your dental history and health insurance cover. Without this general information, we are unable to plan and provide your treatment safely, invoice you for our fees, collect unpaid invoices, process health insurance claims or contact you for follow-up services and reminders. Naturally, some of this information is of a personal nature and some of it might be regarded as ‘sensitive’ and not the sort of information that you would wish to be unnecessarily disclosed to others. This Privacy Policy sets out how we use and manage your personal information.

Each time you (or your child) attend this practice, your Orthodontist records notes relating to your visit and your treatment. These notes include dates, details of any discussions with you and details of the treatment provided on the day. There may also be exchanges of correspondence between your Orthodontist and other healthcare professionals involved in your treatment, in particular any dental clinic from which you have been referred for treatment.

In accordance with the principles laid down in Federal Privacy Legislation, we would like to assure you that:

  • Any information collected about your treatment will be kept safely and securely in confidential records within the practice. At this practice we keep some information on paper and other records as electronic information on a secure computer. Your records include photographs, radiographs (X-rays), study models, reports from other specialists and correspondence between other healthcare professionals or third parties involved in your care and treatment.

  • We will take reasonable steps to protect this information from misuse or loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. There is security in place regarding computer access and all electronic data is backed up.

  • We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the details we keep about you are accurate, complete and up-to-date.

  • We will only disclose your personal information to third parties if you have agreed that we do so or if we are legally required to do so by a regulatory or statutory body. Third parties with whom information is often routinely exchanged include your referring dentist, dental laboratories, other dental specialists and other healthcare providers. We may also disclose specific personal information to debt collection providers engaged by us in the event of payment delinquency.

  • After a period of 7 years (or in the case of a person under 18, until the person turns 25) we may securely destroy or de-identify your records in accordance with Australian laws.

  • You may seek access to the information held about you, and other people can make such a request on your behalf with your prior written agreement. This access might be by inspection of your dental records at the time of appointment or via copying of information. All the original records we keep about you (including X-rays, Photographs and Study models obtained at this practice) will remain the property of this practice at all times. You do have a right to request a copy of any part, or all of your records. Although there is a formal process for this, we will always try to meet your request within a reasonable time.

  • There will be no charge made for requesting this information but an administrative fee will be levied to cover the costs associated with the copying or duplication of your records and delivery costs to you, should it be required.

  • In some circumstances, your request for access may be denied. If we are unable to give you access to the information you have requested, we will give you written reasons for this decision when we respond to your request.

  • Case studies, lectures and professional meetings form an important part of the ongoing training and professional development of Orthodontists and practice staff, for the ultimate benefit of all the patients we treat. We ensure that the identity of any patient whose records may be used for this purpose, is not revealed without prior consent.

  • Our staff receives ongoing training to ensure these privacy principles are respected at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us during normal office hours on (08) 92588440.