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Initial Assessment

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Orthodontic Radiograph

The most important aspect of successful orthodontic management occurs before any actual treatment commences.

Orthodontic treatment of any type requires careful planning to ensure good outcomes.

Therefore, a detailed assessment of medical/dental histories, the dentition (including unerupted teeth), gums, facial features, smile anatomy, jaw structures and physical growth status is essential to fully diagnose orthodontic problems and formulate short and long term treatment plans best suited to each individual patient.  A comprehensive diagnosis is established via analysis of clinical measurements, dental casts, cranio-facial radiographs (X-rays) and photographs of the teeth and face. It is our office policy to obtain all of these necessary diagnostic records as part of the new patient assessment process so that our Orthodontists can provide you with the best possible advice and treatment.

These records are extremely useful as a baseline reference point in younger growing patients, even if they are not ready to commence active treatment immediately.

A consultation/discussion appointment to outline the main problems, provide treatment recommendations and obtain informed consent will be scheduled with your Orthodontist 2-3 weeks after the diagnostic information is collected. In some cases there may be multiple treatment options each with specific pros and cons.

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Dental Casts (Study Models)

We will always recommend the most ideal treatment option that provides the best possible treatment outcome in the shortest period of time.

Active treatment can usually commence directly after this important diagnostic/planning stage is completed.