Non-Extraction Treatment

Non-extraction Treatment

We believe in non-extraction treatment whenever humanly possible and with this goal in mind, we stress the importance of early assessment and interceptive treatment in younger children whenever it is deemed necessary.

Despite claims made by others, the scientific reality is that it is simply impossible and unjustifiable to treat everyone via non-extraction methods. This is especially the case if first contact with an orthodontist is in the mid-teens or later.

Approximately 25% of people proceeding into orthodontic treatment who initially present with significant dental crowding and/or protruding teeth will require two or more teeth extracted. In these cases, the extractions are essential to help establish the right balance between smile esthetics, facial profile features, gum health and long-term stability of the orthodontic treatment result.

Extractions are NEVER prescribed in situations where a negative impact on facial appearance may result.