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Orthodontists raise alarm about DIY teeth straighteners | The Sydney Morning Herald

Dr Holmes speaks to the SMH about serious dental health complications arising from the use of unsupervised at-home teeth-straightening kits.

The dangers of DIY braces - ABC 720 Perth | Orthodontics Australia

Dr Holmes talks with Christine Layton from ABC radio Perth about the risks of DIY orthodontics and mail-order clear aligner kits currently being advertised via social media.

Teeth straightening kits, are they safe? | A Current Affair

At-home teeth straightening kits are being promoted all over Facebook and Instagram, but are they safe? Dr Holmes speaks to ACA.

Do home teeth straightening kits work? | Choice magazine

DIY dentistry is on trend, but it's not without risks. Dr Holmes provides expert commentary for Choice Magazine

Embrace a Confident Look

Dr Holmes talks to the Daily Telegraph newspaper about orthodontic options for teens

Today Tonight - “DIY" Orthodontics

Dr Holmes talks with Channel 7 about the risks associated with mail order, direct to consumer clear aligner treatments

6PR Radio Interview - Consumer Warning

Dr Holmes talks with Oliver Petersen about the hazards of unsupervised, DIY Orthodontics

Bracing for it

Read the interview with Dr Holmes from the Health & Medicine feature in The West Australian

Pick your battles wisely

Dr Holmes talks to Bite Magazine about Clear Aligner treatments such as Invisalign.

Margaret River Orthodontics

Margaret River Orthodontics appears in Australian Dental Practice Magazine. See the article featuring the design and construction of our amazing clinic in Margaret River

Great Health Guide

Dr Holmes talks to the Great Health Guide about Adult Orthodontics

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