Fixed appliances (braces)

Braces are still the most efficient and accurate way of moving teeth. For most patients the optimal time to start orthodontic treatment with braces is after the last baby tooth has exfoliated and whilst the patient is still growing. This means the ideal timing for braces treatment is usually between 12 and 17 years of age . 

The most commonly used fixed braces are made from stainless steel and selected highly elastic metal alloys. We use the latest generation of braces and wires, which help decrease total treatment time, reduce the frequency of adjustment appointments and also improve patient comfort. Colourful elastic modules can also be placed over the braces to make them more fun for our younger patients. 

  • Metal braces
  • Metal braces
  • Metal braces

Ceramic braces

Ceramic tooth coloured braces are the most popular choice amongst adult orthodontic patients and are growing in popularity with our teenage patients. They are very discreet and minimize the appearance of the braces. As a general rule ceramic braces are only used on the top teeth.

  • Braces
  • Clear braces
  • Ceramic braces

Orthodontic treatment with fixed braces usually takes 18-24 months to complete but it is not uncommon for braces to be removed after about 12 months when the presenting problems are not too severe.